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Adela Blackwood is an exlcusive upscale International companion, available to meet you Internationally by Invitation.

Although she does tour to select locations around the globe, the bulk and primary availability is to meet her on an exlcusive fly me to you arrangement.

To find out my touring dates and destinations for 2020 click here

Luxury Companion Fly Me To You

Hello gentlemen looking for a luxury companion to fly to you somehwere around the globe. I am thrilled you have come across one of my websites ( yes I have a few, for various reasons. Don’t worry there is a method to my madness, I just cant share it here publicly with the world, perhaps in private)

My name is Adela Blackwood.

I am of Australian heritage, well educated,  as well as fortunate to also be street smart, quick thinking on my toes, and even quicker to come back with a clever comeback when required.

My enjoyment in life comes from good company ( intelligence is sexy), Michelin Star restaurants around the globe,  travel at the pointy end of planes and making new memories.

As an Independent International Companion, my stamina, agility and ability to evolve and adapt  in an ever changing landscape professisonally, has kept me abreast two fold of my competitiors for many many years. Of course that also means that you are emulated and copied frequently, from website designs, travel destinations, to text and advertising . However, I see that as a terrific compliment.

No one wants to copy someone that is not successful right?

In any event, I am a well established, high end companion, available to meet with the most discerning of discerning gentlemen worldwide.

Most of my gentlemen paramours have never engaged in this type of arrangement. Of course I have gently  introduced to them to the sinful pleasures in life that are so addictive, and they haven’t looked back.

 Dont worry, Its all very grown up, and cangratulations for firstly thinking about it.

Once you meet me once you will wonder why it took you this long to take the plunge.

I do engage in extensive touring around the globe. To find out where I will be travelling to, click here . Majority of my availability is via fly me to you arrangements There are many reasons why I choose to also tour, and I will outline them further in my website.

I think information is power, and the more information one has, the more they are able to make the right choice for themselves.

And I am confident you and I will meet.

Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but I do believe we will meet.

To find out more and how we can meet, drop me an email and introduce yourself.

I would love to hear from you.

Dont be shy xoxo

+61484 372 505

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