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Fly me To You Escort

Are you looking to meet Fly me To You Escort? My name is Stephanie Hunter. I am an Independent Australian International Escort available to meet you worldwide by Invitation.

No longer a touring International Escort. I am able to only meet you by personal request to meet you in your location.

High Class International Escort

Stephanie Hunter

I am based from Melbourne, Australia and travel worldwide by request. My most frequest destinations in the past have been in Switzerland, Monaco, France, The UK and the US.

Not affiliated to escort agencies or third parties, I am trully an Independent, Private Escort. Discretion is important to me and to my gentlemen friends, so therefore, all my correspondence is handled by me personally.

Get in touch with me

Initial contact via email is  preffered as it is just more convenient. Time difference sometimes means I cannot answer your call. However you can try getting in touch with me via phone too if preferred.

Initial requests to meet for for the first time,  please direct via my email address ( or email form listed in the contact page)

Currently, Australian International borders are closed, and travelling Internationally is impossible, however soon I am presuming that they will re open.

As a result, I am currently organizing my travel schedule for late 2020 and early 2021.

If you would like to meet me Internationally in the near future, please get in touch with me and we can discuss options.

Thank you, and I look forward in speaking with you soon!

Stephanie Hunter

+61 400 992 626

Fly Me To You escort
Monaco Fly me To You Escort

Swiss Availability

Gstaad Escorts

I am hoping to make my way to Gstaad in the near future. It was one destination in Switzerland I travelled to very frequently, both in Summer and high season in Winter.

If you would like to meet me in Gstaad in the near future, once International travel is possible again, please get in touch with me via email in advance to discuss options.

I am contactable at request@flymetoyou.ch

Lausanne Escorts

Lausanne is another city in Switzerland I usually travel frequently to under normal circumstances ( prior to COVID-19 ) and hoping to soon once again when it is safer and International borders are open for travel.  Please get in touch with directly if you would like to meet me in Lausanne in the near future.

My email address is request@flymetoyou.ch


Zurich Escorts

Zurich of course I am always able and avaialble to meet in. If interested to meet in Zurich, please get in touch with me.

Please make note, I dont cater for short hourly requests.

Minimum requests to meet is multile days ( usually 2- 3 days)

My email address is request@flymetoyou.ch


Geneva Escorts

Geneva, like Zurich is a frequent destination when in Switzerland. If you would like to meet in Geneva, please get in touch with me for more details.

My email address is request@flymetoyou.ch