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Reviewed and revered as a top 20 World Wide Companion and Confidante, Cory is a mature and exquisite enchantress who will not only steal your heart but will ROCK YOUR WORLD! Confident, articulate , worldly and well travelled, she is also a vivacious, engaging and low maintenance travel companion. Her Intellect and refined critical thinking skills will bring a level of comfort to you knowing that she can easily adapt to any environment or situation. Intuitively she will know your needs and how to best serve them.

Uncomplicated and appreciative for the opportunity to spend time with you, she will make you proud to have her by your side. She will also be well regarded by all with whom she meets because of her genuine and engaging personality and her ability to hold her own with just about anyone. She knows how to handle the lines of a yacht, makes a great co-pilot with 20 instructional hrs of flight time under her belt, enjoys fine dining ,good wine and the opportunities to explore. Travelling the globe can be hard on most, but Cory handles the variables of travel with ease.


Cory’s childhood was focused on the study of The Fine Arts. A Prima Ballerina, a harpist and a pianist, Cory studied under the tutelage of some very great masters. Her love of the ocean included becoming a P.A.D.I Open Water Scuba Instructor whose diving experiences have taken her from the Great Barrier Reef to the Cayman Islands, a top notch 1st mate on luxury yachts , and an avid fly fisher woman who also likes to shoot a round of skeet every now and again. However… you may feel the icing on the cake to be her 15 year career as a gifted licensed massage therapist. Just think of all those possibilities.


Cory has been exposed to much in her world travels and will easily be able yo keep up with your schedule as well as having an appreciation and understanding of the responsibilities and demands that you may have while away together. Her skills and interests are quite diverse , but rest assured , she is organised, punctual, considerate, and will present you in only the highest of lights.


In closing I should mention, Ms.Cory is also a passionate, sensual and spontaneous mature woman. She has the ability to take you to places you have never been before during your private time together. She dresses as the occasion calls for but will always stand out in a crowd. Her style and elegance and confident nature are notable, but the way Cory shall be remembered is not by the visual impression she presents but by the very personal connections she makes with those whom she engages with.


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